Additive manufacturing

Constant development of polymers and their physical and chemical modifications, mentioned materials are expanding into applications that were previously dominated by metals. At the same time, requirements regarding quality, stability and repeatability of produced strustures are growing.

One of the main problems occurring throughout the injection molding process is an attempt to keep the same temperature of the mold, or looking at the issue from the other side - the most effective way of taking away the heat from the material being cooled in order to avoid too much pressure which may cause deformations. It is worth mentioning that cooling is one of the most important factors in the injection molding process and equals to 70% of the whole process time. Traditional methods of tool manufacturing cannot guarantee that the temperature on the mold surface stays the same. 

The biggest advantage of using SLM technology is placing ducts inside the mold freely, which enables an effective control over the mold temperature and cooling process. It is possible due to building a mold layer after layer - a laser touches only thoses places that are supposed to be connected with the previous layer. That kind of process guarantees that ducts are placed in equal distance from the mold surface, which means that the stable temperature is achieved.

Using SLM technology means not only shortening the whole process (even by 30%) and more intense cooling but also cutting production costs by 20-30%. Stable temperature exceeds tool lifecycle, enables the most efficient cooling, selective heat elimination and limitation of deformations. 

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